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Invest in companies you believe in. The Arizona Collaboratory master resource portal, statewide ecosystem, and network of funding portals provide accredited investors with more efficient and unprecedented access to high quality investment opportunities in Arizona’s emerging growth companies.

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See Only the Deals that Suit You. The Arizona Collaboratory makes it simple for you to discover quality local businesses that are looking for funding to fuel their growth. The platform makes it easy for you to set up preferences and filters so you only see the type and scale of deals that best suit your investment motives. You can also create watchlists of potential opportunities and track the performance of those companies within your custom watchlist. Make investments in the ones you like and watch as the businesses you've invested in grow, all through a straightforward online funding portal.

Leveraging Information Technology

Funding Portals Designed for You. Investing through a web platform might be new to you, but we’ve done everything possible to make the process simple, easy and straight forward with a comprehensive compliant investment process so deals are easy to execute and easy to track and monitor their performance.

The Arizona Collaboratory master resource portal is linked to a network of SEC 506(c) compliant funding portals. The funding portal network will be operated by, and all securities transactions will be conducted through, a FINRA-licensed broker dealers that undertake vigorous legal due diligence. Further, the funding portal also expedites many post-investment support, tracking and disbursements, keeping investors like you in the know with each of the investments you make.

Bottom line, you get access to quality, compliant, private financing opportunities where not only do you help grow Arizona’s businesses and helping grow Arizona’s economy but you also share in their success.