Frequently Asked Questions

The Arizona Collaboratory is a tri-legged matching service. By aggregating Businesses (in need of support), Advisors (experts in providing services) and Investors (seeking quality deal flow), the Arizona Collaboratory matches a capital needs (human, financial and/or social capital) with a capital provider.

Ultimately, Arizona Collaboratory is about creating Arizona jobs while helping businesses grow. We are an inclusive non-profit ecosystem that is committed to becoming "the" collaborative network of like-minded individuals and entities that grow Arizona's economy.

Odds are likely that "you" are a part of Arizona Collaboratory, an important part. Everyone working to increase growth opportunities for Arizona companies is welcome to participate.

The Capital Connectivity Portal is a digital way to match a "need" (usually company) with a "solution" (this could be a provider, Advisor, financial source, investor pool or self help resource).

The company could know what it needs, or might need to complete an assessment to determine what it "needs" to get where it "wants to go."

The "Connectivity" in the CCP means that Arizona Collaboratory connects a need with a solution. In the case of financial investments, the transactions take place outside of the CCP. To ensure compliance with SEC regulations*, a single Broker-Dealer maintains and operates each individual funding portal. The CCP offers access to a network of Broker-Dealer operated funding portals.

The CCP can also connect companies with self-help solutions, Advisors to prepare for funding, provider solutions, and events among other ecosystem components. In many circumstances, a company can complete an assessment module and arrive at a list of suggestions and solution approaches.

* All funding portals will be maintained and operated by FINRA-licensed broker-dealers.  Arizona Collaboratory does not maintain or operate any funding portal, does not recommend any investments, and does not give business, financial, investment, tax or legal advice.  Arizona Collaboratory does not claim to be and is not registered as a broker-dealer or investment advisor.  

All funding portals will be maintained and operated by FINRA-licensed broker-dealers.  Arizona Collaboratory does not maintain or operate any funding portal, does not recommend any investments, and does not give business, financial, investment, tax or legal advice.  Arizona Collaboratory does not claim to be and is not registered as a broker-dealer or investment advisor.  

At this time, Gust, Angel List, and Crowdfunder are networking platforms for a business to solicit interest from prospective investors.  These platforms do not facilitate the sale or support of a security.  

In contrast, the CCP offers access to a network of fully compliant funding portals that execute transactions. These Broker-Dealer maintained and operated transactional portals, support fully compliant solicitation, sale and ongoing investor support for private securities. 

When the founders first decided to create the Arizona Collaboratory there was much discussion about how best to organize our efforts. In the end, because the founders were adamantly committed to building an "inclusive" entity for all of Arizona's benefit, it was determined that a non-profit would facilitate the widest engagement possible. Arizona Collaboratory still operates as a business, we need to sustain our efforts for years to come to have the biggest positive impact on the Arizona economy as possible.

A supporter is an organization that either has many members that will benefit from access to CCP and all services that Arizona Collaboratory provides, or is an organization that keenly supports economic growth in Arizona.

When a supporter organization with many members supports Arizona Collaboratory annually, ALL their members have access to all CCP and Arizona Collaboratory services. Find out more about becoming a supporter.

A sponsor organization provides direct support for a specific event or project activity.

Our collective economic success depends on building (and keeping) the successful small businesses. Together we are far more effective than we are separately.

Today is an opportune time for Arizona to aggressively build its economy and compete in the global economy. Arizona has recently been named one of the top states for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Arizona also has many incredible companies that have existed and grown substantively in the past decade, and with new regulations as a result of the JOBS Act, Arizona has an incredible opportunity to address the Funding Preparedness and Funding Gap challenges that have plagued Arizona businesses for decades.

i) Member-based supporter organizations, with a relatively small contribution, can provide access for ALL their members to assessments, services, self-help and expert Advisors aggregated in one location. Business "growth solutions" prepare companies and then offer access to a network of Broker-Dealer operated funding portals that provide investment opportunities. Member-based organizations that stand to benefit by supporting Arizona Collaboratory include Chambers of Commerce and Industry Groups, among others.

ii) Economic development departments and organizations are committed to growing Arizona's economy and creating jobs. There is no better community to support, for both sales growth and job creation, than Arizona's Funding Gap target enterprises – the Emerging Growth Company. Emerging Growth companies have created 68% of all new net job growth over the past 5 years. Economic development departments and organizations are key supporters and drive significant growth in Arizona, and as a supporter of Arizona Collaboratory they are provided with an Ex Officio seat on all Industry Segment Advisory Circles, as well participate on the Economic Development Advisory Circle.

iii) Advisory service companies (corporations such as financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, and insurance companies among others) play key roles in support small and emerging growth business success. Supporting Arizona Collaboratory positions Your Company as a leader in the state and provides access to small and emerging growth business with "needs" that include services that Your Company provides. In addition to new client introductions, advisory service company supporters are provided with a seat on their respective Industry Segment, Advisory Circle<link to: What is an Advisory Circle?>. Advisory Circles meet bi-annually to collectively shape efforts driving increased commerce and job growth in Arizona, also focusing on ways to improve connection of emerging growth companies with appropriate industry segment services.

Themed events and/or projects may assemble a particular subset of companies that are of specific interest to, or would benefit meaningfully from, an organization's services or knowledge base. There may also be organizations that seek to support Arizona Collaboratory activities in a more general sense, and consequently believe that sponsorship of an individual or series of events and/or projects is productive (both for Arizona Collaboratory and Arizona's economic growth).

Organizations interested in becoming a supporter should contact Arizona Collaboratory directly <email link Dan, subject supporter> or find out more about becoming a supporter . Sponsorship opportunities are directly related to events and project activities <email link Dan, subject sponsor project>.

An Advisory Circle is populated with executives from an industry segment, and these executive's companies are supporters of Arizona Collaboratory. Advisory Circles meet bi-annually to collectively shape efforts driving increased commerce and job growth in Arizona, and also focusing on ways to improve connection of emerging growth companies with appropriate industry segment services.


Any company is welcome to participate, explore and engage with Arizona Collaboratory. There are many self-help tools and options, including a simple assessment to determine next steps.

If you are a company that a) has sales, b) is interested in growing your business, and c) is open to working with experts to support this growth, you are a great fit for the Arizona Collaboratory.

If you are a business that is just beginning, or hasn't yet started (but you have an awesome idea), there may be better places for you to consider exploring. You might want to work with any one of the great Incubators in Arizona, review a list of Advisors who specialize in start-ups, or check out these great self-help start-up resources . The Arizona Commerce Authority is a great resource for start-ups, as are the Phoenix, Tucson and Scottsdale Chambers of Commerce .

Very large businesses (companies with more than 1,000 employees) probably do not need the Arizona Collaboratory, but they might learn a few things too (and many of our Advisors have experience with both mid-size and large companies).

As a business owner, you can begin by creating a business member profile <Join Now>. It's that simple. The Arizona Collaboratory will guide you from there.

Arizona Collaboratory provides a variety of services for member companies to explore, discover and assess. Some companies know what expert service(s) they need to grow already, while other companies might need to assess where they are first to better understand how to get where they want to be.

Begin by creating a profile . Assess your funding preparedness. Review local events and activities. Discover how companies just like yours were able to plan, prepare and present to investors using proven methods.

We leave you to determine and select Advisor services, developing what makes the most sense for you.

Raising capital is a process, one that involves a variety of steps and milestones. Arizona Collaboratory has a collection of experts who can review your current state and let you know what it will take to get your company prepared.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution (those rarely work in any circumstance). A funding preparedness checklist gives you an idea of what is needed to permit a next step, being connected to a Broker-Dealer funding platform that may be interested in your capital raise*.

It is important to note that in our experience the act of raising capital, although it sounds exciting and looks enjoyable in the media, is not always the best solution for growing your business. Sometimes being able to develop strategic partnerships, better manage cash flow, develop a new (and digital) marketing campaign, implement software solutions among myriad of solutions is a better way to grow sales or increase earnings. Being able to determine which approach is best (raising capital or something else) is best handled by a human expert, and as such might save you much time and headache to engage one of the assessment experts .

Arizona Collaboratory is currently developing automated assessment modules, so that companies will be able to determine, with 20-30 questions, a more specific set of next steps and align their needs with a filtered set of experts. To participate in a beta assessment module click <here>.

The range of investment available through Arizona Collaboratory's network of funding portals typically will be between $1,000,000 and $50,000,000. Smart companies want to ensure that the cost of capital is not too expensive, to ensure that most of the equity raised is helping you grow your company. Below an investment figure of $1M, the cost of a platform and marketing may be too prohibitive, given the net funds your company will receive. Click here for more information <link 506(c) / Schedule A discussion>

It usually takes 90-180 days to prepare for a capital raise, and 60-120 days to raise capital and close a deal. Begin here <link assessment>

The Arizona Collaboratory does not market or conduct marketing for the investment in your company. As a component of your company's program to seek investors (under 506(c) general solicitation rules) the Capital Connectivity Portal can provide you with a list of known expert marketing entities. As with any service provider, you are responsible for selecting and negotiating terms with an investment marketing entity. In some cases Broker-Dealer portals may have their own investment marketing entity preferences. From time to time, Arizona Collaboratory will host and/or participate in events that include investment marketing discussions and representative firms.

It costs nothing for a company to join Arizona Collaboratory today . Learn more about where you are and where you want to go!

As a company participating in the capital investment process you may experience a variety of fees (depending on capital raise scenario). In our experience, "funding preparedness" typically requires an investment of $20,000-$50,000, depending on company sophistication and documentation (these costs cover modules for market research, financial modeling, financial plans, management plans, arriving with a full and professional business plan).

There are many approaches to "lack of financial capital" that may make sense for your company. One can consider applying for grants and contracts (especially to develop new products and processes through SBIR's/STTR's ), borrow money through traditional banks and alternative asset financing companies, or simply improve cash flow to fund growth on your own (with self help and Advisor experts that can quickly enhance your bottom line). Marketing and sales expertise can also provide an excellent return on investment, especially leveraging today's digital and targeted marketing techniques.

There are a number of service providers who have extensive experience in technology and IP assessments and can refer you to the best-suited services based on your needs and portfolio content. There are also legal IP experts and self-help resources to learn more about the importance of intellectual property planning and strategies.


Companies do not work "with" Arizona Collaboratory, but rather we provide an assessment and matching service.

You may already be an Arizona Collaboratory member!

As a valued Advisor, we ask you to sign up and provide us with a detailed assessment of your skills and expertise. PLEASE also include "reviews" and client case studies to highlight your directory listing.

All Advisors who work with Arizona companies to help them grow and succeed are part of the Arizona Collaboratory. If you are a member of any one of these great Arizona organizations you are a member! Your membership with Arizona Collaboratory is automatic and unrestricted. Not a member of any organization? Simple join one of these great Arizona organizations and get a double bonus (their benefits and a premium Arizona Collaboratory directory listing). Not sure what to do? Contact us by email now, you'll hear back in 24 hours.

We match company needs each time they complete an assessment module, or desire a "specific Advisor expertise" with all relevant Advisors in the directory. Premium Advisors (those with verified "reviews" and client case studies") are prominently listed first.

We also offer Premium Advisors opportunities to participate in panel discussions, symposium events and other expert enhancing activities.

Are you a member of Arizona Technology Council, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, or any one of these great Arizona organizations? <link popup>… Then you are ALREADY a member of Arizona Collaboratory!! Sign up now

Not a member of any organization? Simple join one of these great Arizona organizations and get a double bonus (their benefits and a Premium Arizona Collaboratory directory listing).

Still not sure what to do? Contact us by email now, you'll hear back in 24 hours.
Don't see the organization you belong to on our list? Send an email and we'll get them added as soon as possible.

Arizona Collaboratory markets the collective ability of Arizona-based service providers to grow companies. Once a company arrives at the Arizona Collaboratory website, the following can occur:

  • Companies complete an assessment and have a need or problem identified, and problem that you have indicated you can solve.
  • Companies self identify a need or problem and your directory listing as it relates that that need is highlighted.

Topic specific events and networking provide opportunities for you and your team to meet real companies with specific needs.

Highlight your clients and their success! Premium Advisors (with "reviews" and case study examples) are listed first, so make sure you include relevant client references!

Topic specific events are another great way to demonstrate your strengths and knowledge base. Participate in symposiums and panel discussions to empower target company participation and success (even help Arizona Collaboratory create new events, contact us about a collaborative event concept ).

By challenging Arizona's Emerging Growth Businesses with new approaches to grow and succeed, we collectively benefit.


Accredited investors include people with a net worth (excluding their residence) of $1 million, income of $200,000 a year (or $300,000 with their spouse), or officers and directors of the issuer and various institutions that have more than $5 million in assets.

You don't have to be accredited until the investment process begins though. Sign up now! Set up your Accredited Investor dashboard and begin your deal flow search. Quality deal flow, here we come.

CCP does not verify that you are an accredited investor. This occurs on the funding portals that are operated by broker dealers.

Investors provide investment parameters on the Investor Dashboard , manage their own notification settings and receive updates as frequently as desired. Deals that match your interests and parameters are delivered to you for further consideration.

By registering on the CCP, you are not limited to a single or selection of Broker-Dealer deals. Every deal regardless of whose putting together the offering, that matches your interests and parameters is delivered for review. No searching necessary.

Arizona Collaboratory deal flow extends to the national network linkages, as available beginning later in 2015.

To get started please register as an Investor . Become accredited and unleash the full power here .

Simply hit inquire button to a company, and your secure communication will be highlighted as an Investor, or more importantly as an Accredited Investor as soon as you have completed the easy accreditation process . All secure communications are filtered and managed by the company posting and Arizona Collaboratory cannot intervene.

Deals that match your interests and parameters are delivered for further review.

You manage your desired investment parameters . Arizona Collaboratory and the access to network of funding portals provide deal flow that meet these parameters.

  • Arizona Collaboratory emphasizes the critical importance of "funding preparedness."
  • Our Advisor experts have decades of experience building companies, preparing for a capital raise and securing capital.
  • Our Advisor experts also include interim management experts, capable of building and delivering growth and success.
  • Our Advisor experts span strategic legal, financial, marketing and operations services.

Arizona Collaboratory deal flow extends to the national network linkages, as available beginning later in 2015.