Growing Arizona’s Emerging Businesses

Creating Jobs and Impacting the Local Economy

Who We Are

The Arizona Collaboratory is a non-profit inclusive and collaborative network of like-minded individuals and entities committed to growing Arizona’s economy. By connecting business owners with business experts and resources through this website which we call our “Capital Connectivity Portal,” we help prepare businesses for growth and access to capital.

Our Story

Back in 2012, the “Collaboratory” – as we simply called it then – was pitched on multiple occasions to municipalities and regions as a solution for small business acceleration.  Our co-founders – a team of Arizona focused entrepreneurs and executives – have all enabled and witnessed the power that emerging growth businesses have on this region; and wanted to empower more small business success stories “where it matters most.”  It was clear that emerging growth companies, between $750K and $20M in sales and 10-499 employees, have the greatest positive impact on the economy when they are able to grow and prosper.  We want Arizona companies to succeed so that our children, and their children, will be able to find good, quality jobs in their home state, Arizona. It is that simple!

The 2012 JOBS Act including the SEC repeal of the ban on general solicitation for accredited investor-only offerings, under rule 506(c) was the vital piece to completing the Arizona Collaboratory puzzle.  More efficient access to capital has empowered us to embark on a journey of creating an entire business growth ecosystem within Arizona.  Now, the recent signing of the Arizona state crowdfunding legislation and the SEC’s publishing of the Regulation A+ and national crowdfunding rules will further bolster the available access to capital for Arizona businesses.

The Arizona Collaboratory, and our member network of business experts, has the common goal of helping emerging growth companies succeed. Besides valuable access to shared business resources, this website will also serve as a hub to a network of Arizona centric funding portals.

Collaborative Technology

This Capital Connectivity Portal aims to connect the entire Arizona ecosystem of resources for growing companies. We are linked to a network of funding platforms enabled by the 2012 JOBS Act that provide companies with access to thousands of accredited investors within Arizona and across the U.S.  Every approved funding platform will be operated by, and all securities transactions will be conducted through, a FINRA-licensed broker dealer.  The funding platforms support 506(c), Reg A+, National crowdfunding, and Arizona Crowdfunding offerings.

The Arizona Collaboratory ecosystem and network of funding portals provide companies with more efficient access to capital and resources while providing accredited investors with unprecedented access to high quality deals offered by Arizona based businesses.


You ARE the Arizona Collaboratory

Arizona Collaboratory connects emerging businesses with the resources they need to grow. We are inclusive, connect with businesses from all industries in Arizona, and drive connections to all Arizona business resource groups. If you live in Arizona and seek to empower business growth, then you are the Arizona Collaboratory.

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Who is Behind the Curtain?

In addition to the many great organizations who support us, our mission is overseen by our Board of Directors and an extensive Advisory Board with industry specific “Industry Circles.” Day-to-day duties fall upon our small but dedicated Operations Team.

Our Team Board of Directors

Our Team

Donavon Ostrom is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Arizona Collaboratory.  He manages the day-today activities of the Arizona Collaboratory.

He also serves as Executive Director of Impact Business Accelerators and has been providing business acceleration services to some 60 companies since 1994. His focus at Impact is preparing companies for a successful capital raise.  In addition, he provides services related to strategic planning and implementation, team building, and building business infrastructure. His experience in the integration of acquired companies and corporate re-engineering gives him a unique understanding of the dynamics of productivity and focus.

He is one of the founding architects of Arizona Collaboratory.